SlotsVendor FAQ

The Juicy Stakes Affiliate Program is a partnership program, offering webmasters the opportunity to earn commissions by referring players to any of our client casinos.
Joining the Juicy Stakes Affiliate Program is quick and easy. Simply complete our online application form and you are well on your way to earning commissions. Applications are approved automatically; however, a dedicated Affiliate Manager will contact you within 2 business days to review your account. We reserve the right to block any account not abiding by our Terms & Conditions.
None whatsoever. Becoming a member of the Juicy Stakes Affiliate Program is 100% free. You will never lose money as a member, only earn!
Yes you can. We understand that not all traffic is generated from websites alone; however these cases are reviewed on an individual basis. To avoid account closure, please contact us and outline your strategy to send traffic to our clients.
While we accept MOST websites, there are guidlines set out in our Terms & Conditions and are strictly enforced. We DO NOT accept websites;
  1. aimed at children
  2. promoting sexually explicit material
  3. promoting violence
  4. promoting discrimination of any kind, whether by race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  5. promoting illegal activities
  6. violating intellectual property rights
There are 2 ways to earn money through the Juicy Stakes Affiliate Program: by referring players and by referring affiliates. For every player you refer to our partner casinos, you will earn a commission based on their wagering activity. In addition, for every affiliate you refer, you will earn a commission based on a percentage of their overall earnings.
All links from your website to ours contain a unique identifier. This means that every time a user comes to us via your website and registers as a customer, we know to credit you.
Reports are updated every hour to provide the most accurate statistics available. Each report is time stamped to let you know when the last update occurred.
Yes, you can participate in other affiliate programs.
Juicy Stakes does not condone SPAM of any kind. Please refer to our Anti Spam Policy for more details
Not at all. You can use one account for multiple websites and set up a unique tracking code for each website. Our reporting software allows up to 2 levels of tracking - Campaign ID's, which are the unique identifier to credit referrals (fixed value) and Subcampaign ID's, which can be utilized for more in depth tracking (variable value).
For security reasons and your own protection, you cannot change your username once assigned. If you have forgotten your username, please contact support. I forgot my password, how can I reset it? You can request a password reset by completing the Forgot Password form at An email will be sent to your address on file with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact support.
Commissions are calculated as a percentage of total "Net Revenue" generated from your referred players each calendar month. Please refer to the table on the Commissions page.
NET Revenue = Gross Rake + Bets Placed - Bets Won - Bonuses - Chargebacks - RakeBack - Refunds - Admin Fee
No they do not. We will never penalize you for a big winner. Each month the slate is wiped clean and your balance set to 0.
All Affiliate Payments are be processed by Bitcoin.
The minimum balance to receive payment is $150 for all payment methods. If you do not have a Payment Method selected, or the information on file is incorrect or incomplete, your positive balance will be carried over to the next month or until the minimum requirements are met. Positive carry over balances are unaffected by possible negative gameplay in subsequent months.
No, neither you, your relatives (spouse, partner, parent, siblings, child, or other family members), or your personnel can sign up as a referral. If you, a relative or your personnel sign up as a referral, the account will be disassociated and any commissions earned from this referral forfeited.